Hey all, I've been playing guitar for about three years now. My chord transitions and knowledge are pretty good, but I have no real interest in learning any lead stuff. In fact, I've recently discovered how much I like rhythmic elements of music. I sing pretty well, so I want to join a band with my voice and a rhythmic rock instrument, so rhythm guitar and bass seem like my two best options. I can't decide which one I want to do.

My main goal is to meet new people, have fun and jam with a full band while also being self-expressive. I'd also like to sing lead or back up and write lyrics.

Which one do you find more fun? Is one role more in-demand than the other? Can you see one being a better match for me than the other? FYI, I'd like to play modern rock (alternative to metal), but I also want to dabble in pop and potentially indie and jazz.

Thanks so much in advance!
If you're only going to specialise in rhythm guitar, then bass. Bass is more in demand, and across the whole musical spectrum (you mentioned a desire to branch into other genres) the whole concept of rhythm and lead guitar is a niche; you'll usually just find one guitarist. Be aware though that playing bass whilst singing is likely to prove more challenging (rhythmic nuances and precise timing, which are essential for playing bass, are harder to to pull off whilst concentrating on singing too). You'll also have a lot to learn coming from guitar, it's a whole different instrument that requires different technique and a different mental approach.
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I'd agree with all of the above except for the conclusion that bass should be your choice. It's harder to sing to bass than guitar as your man has said, so if the singing is the main thing it might suit to go the easier route. But it is your choice and there are enough bassists who sing to say it can be done.
i'm always impressed by frontman bassists. go for it brother!
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Go for whatever speaks to you. I will tell you this though, really good rhythm guitarists are worth their weight in gold, while lead guitarists are plentiful as dirt. We are on our second rhythm guitarist in our band and we still have to work with him thinking out of the box of playing lead.

As a former rhythm guitarist who is now a bass player, both have brought me quite a bit of playing opportunities.