Im after any and all recommendations for a true vintage sounding valve amp for blues, ala srv/hendrix, i love the original tweed bassman, but i cant find the perfect amount of vintage soul in the reissue, i know the k's in the tubes are different now, but is there a reasonably priced (eg. under 2k) amp that truly captures a vintage blues valve sound?
If you're trying to recreate a recorded sound live, you're wasting your time. You never will.

Any vintage style Marshall/esque amp will work. An 18w would probably be perfect. A 2203/2204 would work too.
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find an old Marshall bluesbreaker combo or an old Fender combo. it should be pretty easy to find one in your budget.

or you can look at an 18 watt clone. Avatar makes one that is very nice, but there are tons of companies
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There are only two amps you should be looking at for authentic blues tone.

1. Fender Tweed Deluxe.

2. Everything else.

Any questions?
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Just get a 5e3 (tweed deluxe) clone built. It will be around the same price maybe even cheaper then a re-issue and sound better.
SRV’s tones are the result of mixing the sound of multiple amps (live and studio albums). If you want to match those tones your best bet would be to record dry and then start re-amping with VST plugins.

The Hendrix tones are a lot easier. Fuzz Face into a Plexi clone and turn it up until your bones hurt. You might want an isolation box for that one.
Fender Tweed for the SRV side of things but an 18W Marshall for the Hendrix side. But that depends on what you intend to use it for. If it's for gigging just find a JCM800 2203/2204 (preferably with vertical inputs). That will give you more of a Hendrixy sort of tone too, for SRV gigging just buy an old Twin. You need to decide what is more important to you.
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A lot of guys with money like those Dr. Z Maz 18 amps, since I saw 18 w mentioned. Or any Dr. Z amp.