I'll be your light to shine
As I tie your ways with mine
I thought we were something
As you test the path I sing

We are analytical minds
Don't lead me on just tell me how you operate in time
We will get just what we want
With a wide and open heart

And I thought you were a friend
Whose love would never end
I'll take you in with open arms
Why should I let fate take my part?

We're going right back into the fray
Please give me a chance to stay away from
Everything, anything that's getting in
Including you my friend

And if today would just begin
And if today would just begin
And if today would just begin
I would never think to let it end
Really enjoyed that tune! Great writing. Kind of a Smashing Pumpkins sound to me.

The only critique i'll give you to get better. Play around with some different vocal rhythms. They all sat in the same beats, which isn't bad, but it may be fun to play with to get different sounds.

Keep up the good work!
Hm yea I know what you mean. I mean, the music is a lot different, but I tend to play around with vocal patterns until I find one that is perfect, at least to me. This may take days, other times the right pattern is blatantly obvious. But thanks though!