I'm looking to purchase a tube amp for under £500. It's been 3 years since I last researched buying one so am a bit out of the loop when it comes to models and prices.

I'm wanting 15-20W, it's mostly for home use.

I need it to cover rockabilly to disco to reggae to blues and rock. Heaviest is QOTSA/Kyuss but I can acquire pedals in the future to get those tones.

So it needs to take pedals but I'm not too worried about an FX loop.

Under £500 preferably.

From what I've found a Blues Junior or AC15 C1 might be options? What else should I look at?
Those two would be among your best bets. Jet City Amps JCA22 (two channel version) is worth considering as well.

If you could find an old Marshall 1974X (18w) it would work real well for what you want. More than likely you'd have to find a clone of some sort. I believe there was a UK company called Valvepower which made (makes?) 18w clones, they sound pretty good. Only thing is that they're non-master volume amps.
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^ the valvepower has VVR. So it'd be fine.

the other thing i'd say is, don't limit yourself to 15-20 watts. 15 to 20 watts is still way too loud for home use if you want to crank it up; conversely, higher wattage amps (if they have a good-sounding master volume) often sound better turned way down than lower wattage amps do. It's analagous to saying you don't want to buy a ferrari because its top speed is 200mph and the speed limit is only 70, but then saying you're ok with a porsche whose top speed is 160mph! Plus (don't quote me on this because i know nothing about cars ) the ferrari may well drive better than the porsche at 70, anyway.

the traynor ycv50b is pretty good value on thomann. i'd say it'd be worth considering for what you want. it's out of stock at the moment, but normally it comes back in eventually. it's normally under £500.
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Thanks for the responses.

I''ll bear that in mind regarding the wattage.