Hey guys, Quick question for you. I have a few pedals I was hoping to get some help with. I have the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal, Boss C-3 Compression Sustainer, and the MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ. I play Skate Punk, Pop Punk styled music. Pennywise, Descendents, Early Blink ect. I was wondering what you suggest to put the settings at to get that type of sound? Also, what setting would I put my amp at to get that sound? I have the Marshall DSL 40 Combo.

Sorry, Im new to all of this. I just play lol. So any help or suggestions would be great.

*reported* for being in the wrong forum. This is not a technique issue.

Don't go starting a thread in GG&A though, try the ultimate settings thread if it still exists. If not... try messing about with your amp, you should be able to get a perfectly good tone out of just your guitar and amp for what you want.
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When I cover Bad Religion or NoFX (both Cali-punk), I tend to go for a nice crunchy 'fuzzy' gain with my my highs and mids in the middle with my lows upped a little. I'm a huge fan of Gibson-esque guitars for punk music, their lows always sound really mean, while the highs still soar just right.
i would think the dsl-40 would give you all the distortion you'd need by itself.
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Just turn the amp volume up to 11.
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