Nice work. As always you guys got a good sound. It would be better if the camera was zoomed out a bit and held still. Singing is great as always, lead work is tight for the most part. The rhythm guy is solid, and does his thing well. Once again, you guys do great work.
Really awesome work, guys. The guitarists are really good, especially the lead player for pulling off those licks/solos on an acoustic guitar (something that isn't always easy to do!). As for the vocals, I was definitely blown away. Wasn't expecting something that good! You guys got a great thing going here, so please, keep it up!!
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Quote by caw1
Hey... you guys should cover something like guitar man by steve earl.

never heard it. I'll check it out.
It sounded good to me, the vocals were kind of loud in the mix but I won't take that away from the performance itself. Overall I thought it was really good, I liked the singer, his voice sounded strong to me, and lead guitarist sounded great as well. The rhythm guitarist also sounded good from what I heard, dynamics and time keeping were good. I have never heard this song before but I like it.