I have fairly recently opened my own recording studio. It is in my home, however it does not look like a "home studio", the acoustics are good, I have expensive studio foam, a separate vocal room. I also have good gear and mics. I went to school for a while taking recording classes, and have done a lot of research and learning on my own. I have been "recording" for several years but have been taking my recording more seriously and am trying to turn my hobby into a legitimate business. I already have paying customers, and feel I am at a point where I can compete quality wise with most studios.

So my problem is that I get a text from the singer in my band saying he met some sound engineer students who can record us for free, a very common thing for students. I was a bit miffed before that he chose to not record with me, being that I am in the band and have a recording studio. But now that I think about it even more, I find it flat out insulting that he chose them over me. As my bandmate and friend I think he should be trying to support my business. I view this decision as him not believing in my skills and not trusting me as a sound engineer myself.

I actually have done the whole student recorded thing before. The students were well students. I knew more than them at the time, and I obviously know more than them now. They are also very limited by the school on what mics they can use and I know for a fact I have better mics and gear than them. This was with another band, and we actually ended up scrapping the whole session due to the bad quality.

So do I say something? Do I just hold my tongue for now? He's been saying how excited he is and how looking forward to this he is.
How about you just do one song with the students and then show them how much better you can do it with another song or multiple? If you genuinely can't beat the students then you can do some solo stuff and record other small projects until you can.
Well if its your band, im assuming you wont be charging them so the 'free' argument for working with the student shouldnt apply.
If you are charging your own band to record at your home studio then you should just count your losses and book paying artists. If you record with the students perhaps you could pass on some tips instead of just saying they arent very good.
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It could just be a favour for the kids for a school projecthere they have to use school equipment. If not you could record at yours, and invite the students to come to watch how a pro does it.
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