Hi guys,

I reaching the stage with my playing in general that I really feel like I'm lacking some knowledge that I should have gained by now. I have been having a look round for method books for electric guitar that would take my playing, theory and fretboard awareness to the next level.

There's seems to be no end of classical style books taking you way past the beginner stage but I'm not having any luck with an electric one.

Any suggestions? Preferably ones that won't break the bank!

What is advanced to you?
You are asking others to guess what you might need at your current stage of learning the instrument.
It'd probably be helpful if you gave us a way to know at what you can play, and what you'll want to be able to play?

Anyway... I'll still recommend both books by Guthrie Govan, as they are really good, and they'll show you lots of "advanced" and interesting stuff.
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For the most part I wouldn't bother with books, most of what you pay money for you can find for free on the internet if you have a discerning eye. I've heard nothing bad at all about Govan's Creative Guitar books, although I haven't actually read them myself, I need to try and get my hands on them as soon as possible now that I can actually afford them...

That said, if you have any specific questions go and ask in the Guitar Techniques forum on here; I and others like me will be happy to help you in any way we can about actually physically playing the instrument. If you have questions about theory or more general musicianship then where you really should be asking is Musician Talk but we get questions about that in GT as well so we'll try and help as best we can.
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