Hi there,

I was going to post this on the Peterson Strobe website but they seem to have closed it!

Anyway I'm using a Peterson Stomp Classic which is a fantastic guitar tuner... as long as you're not using any unusual tunings.

It's perfect for standard tuning and Eb tuning BUT seems to have an issue with drop D (Technically C#, Ab, Db, Gb Bb, Eb as I downtune all my strings a semitone as standard) where it's in tune on the display, but not to the ear.

It's equally bad with the low E string dropped to a B (Bb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb, again all strings downtuned a semitone).

Is this a problem with the 'Sweetened tunings' not working on non standard tunings methods? Is it bad intonation? Even though it seems ok to me.

Any ideas or suggestions??