Hi guys, I'm looking to find a new bedroom amp and I narrowed down my choice to vox pathfinder 15r and peavey rage 258.

In my opinion, I like the clean sound of the peavey more than the vox clean sound. I don't know if my settings wrong or not but I'm still a beginner. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

I play mostly into rock such as Joe Satch, U2, Oasis, Hendrix, Avenged Sevenfold, and any other rock band. Most of the time I play punk rock, but sometimes I like blues and jazz also.

Which of the amp you would suggest? I ask people from other forum and many of them recomended about orange crush pix cr20l and some of the kustom amp, is this guys good compare to vox and peavey for my style?

And since I have my zoom g2 multi effect, so I don't need a modelling amp, except maybe for Roland Cube, I heard this guys make a good stuff.

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Quote by simplevd
In my opinion, I like the clean sound of the peavey more than the vox clean sound.

This is what matters.

Quote by simplevd
Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

No matter how much someone may disagree, they can never tell you that your opinion is wrong.

FWIW, I kind of like the Pathfinder. It's a fun little amp, I've often been tempted to get one myself. Never tried the Peavey so I can't comment on that, but if you prefer it then it's the one you should buy.
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The thing is, I don't even know how to play with the EQ need some suggestion from the amp at the top there.
go to the store where they are and just goof around with it ull figure out how to get certain sounds and tones, personally i like the pathfinder better but i do also have an affinity for vox amps, but the more you mess around with the eq the more you'll understand it