I'm thinking about updating my rig and would apreciate greatly your knowledge and advices.

this is my current rig :
[forbidden link]

multi fx
[forbidden link]

amp simulator/disto module
[forbidden link]

DI box
[forbidden link]

to the sound guy directly (no amp)
It works pretty well BUT :
problem 1
my bass player criticizes my sound as 'flat'or 'cold' because I don't use amp.

problem 2
I generate some noise.Nothing horrible, but I'd like to fix this.

problem 3
i don't have a stomp pedal for distortion ( I change it by hand between songs or part)

problem 4
I like the disto & crunch sounds of the pod, but I think I can get better
in addition to solving those problem I'd like to

*be able to incorporate tapping licks (both clean and distorted) in our songs.

*save the ear of our fans for unpredictable pick of gains.


last but not least, I don't want to use an amplifier+cab, I want to continue going directly to the mixpult (through DI)


I'm thinking about buying a compressor and a lamp preamp

What do you guys think about it?

this is the preamp I have in mind
[forbidden link]

will it succesfully add 'warmth' to my sound?
It also solves the problem of disto triggering.

Concerning the compressor, any advice? I'd like one that is configurable enough so that I don't have to activate/unactivate it during concert.

I'm looking forward to your answers,

thanks in advance


oups, it seems like all the links were removed :/

the preamp I'm considering is
AMT Electronics SS11A Classic (or more probably ss11B)

currently I use a tonework by korg and a pocket pod by line 6

I want to get a compressor but I have no clue how to choose it.

Just outta curiosity, why don't you want an amp?
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because I want to keep it as compact and transportable as possible.
I play guitar, keyboard and computer at the same time during performance and it takes a lot of cables and potential places where shit can happen.

I want to come on stage, open one box for comp/keyb etc +the floorbox and be ready to play.

plus I hate to carry stuff