hey guys, so I heard some demos of a b-52 at-100 today and thought it sounded great, I was surprised to see it going for 450 used, but I cant seem to find one new, does anyone know where they are sold? also, am I crazy to be interested in that amp over an egnater vengeance? I love my egnater but the b-52 seemd to sound better somehow. thoughts?
If you like the sound better, who are we to argue? Good for you for listening to the sound and not the price tag.

A word of warning though is that those B-52s are notoriously unreliable. They're $600 new so 450 used isn't surprising really. I don't see many shops carrying them, my local GC has one but that's unusual. If you want a new one you'll probably have to order it online.
I came in here to tell you 'No VS. threads'

I prefer the Vengeance myself but to each to their own like Collin said. They have had reliability issues but I have not seen anyone complain lately (like Bugera).

Are you talking about the AT head?

I doubt you can find a new one but I see used heads starting at $250.

They do have good tone - no question. I find very little difference in OD1 and OD2 channels.

But yeah - for $250-$450 they are a good deal used.
This would be amazing if you actually A-B'ed them irl. Too many variables to compare an amp at home to an amp online.
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