Im in an indie rock band that has a nice variety of upbeat slightly heavy songs and some soft down tempo songs as well. Im looking into a new bass cab and i have a couple questions about picking the right one. Would 4x12 work for this kind of band? If not what speaker size/quantity would work well? I dont want an 8x10 or anything huge like that just a 4x10 or smaller. Also, I was looking into emperor cabs and liked their drivey overdrive kind of sound but are they mainly used for heavier genres of music? HELP!!! Thanks
Speaker size means nothing in this day and age. Speaker material and cabinet design are infinitely more significant in terms of how a cab sounds. 4x12 is not ideal because vertical alignment is preferable to horizontal, and a good 2x12 should be able to do everything you ever need. The only real suggestion I can give is to go to a store and try some stuff out and see what you think. Depending on where you are in the world I'd check out Barefaced or fEARful too.
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^^ good advice. The best thing to do is try them out. 4x12 is overkill. I had a 1x15 cab in my last band, it did great, would have liked a smaller 2x10 to go with it. Make sure it's something your not going to mind lugging in and out if your venues, weight wise too.
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+1 to Aguilar

my buddy has an Aguilar 8x10, SVT Classic 8X10 and an SVT 410. The Aguilar is better than either of them.

I would also take an Aguilar 2x12 over most 4x10's also
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