Ok, so I've been researching which Dimarzio pick up to drop in the bridge of my Strat. I've narrowed down a few finalists but still can't decide. I want a nice vintage sound that will kick when the amps cranked (Classic Rock) but chill out when played clean (Chords/Clean Picking)

Actives are defiantly not on the cards, guitars shouldn't need batteries!

My options at the mo are:

DP100 Super Distortion (I'm tempted because it's established as an awesome pick up)
DP161 Steve Special (I'm not Mr Vai's biggest fan, however I like his tone and the spec's on this one look great, lots of treb and bass with the mids pulled back, Dimarzio claim it has a HiFi like quality)
PAF (I've got a set of Kent Armstrong PAF's in a Les Paul copy, they sound amazing but are a little too warm for what I want in a Strat, are the Dimarzio versions different?)

Any experiences and/or advice greatly appreciated!