On a whim last week whilst ordering my normal batch of standard dunlop 1mm tortex picks I also decided to order a couple of their tortex sharp jazz iii picks.

These have turned out to be a godsend, they don't wear down nearly as fast as the standard picks and keep their point really well, they've also added a newfound clarity to my overdriven chords which I've been trying to do for a long while. The shape of them is also very slightly different and has made it far easier for me to do pinch harmonics quickly.

I wouldn't normally do a NGD for something so small and pathetic but these have made such a difference I just felt it was worthwhile pointing them out to other players.
Max Grip Jazz IIIs.

Nothing else will suffice. I have the regulars and the Ultexs, but I won't use either unless I absolutely have to.

Which I never do since ordering a 24 pack of the Max Grips. Got plenty.
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edit: OT - those pics are too small for me and i'm just used to the regular sized pick.
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Where's the clips/pics/extensive review?
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Epic picks! Been using them for a while and can't go back. Still think you need images of your gear or a sound clip
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