Hey so I'm building an electric guitar, but I'm doing it a bit differently than the norm. I won a couple contests on instructables.com (if you wanna see my projects you can search my username, its the same as this one) and long story short I have $600 of credit to Shapeways and I am designing a guitar body that they can 3D print for me in stainless steel (or other metals). As for the rest of the guitar I don't play electrics much and don't really know what the best setup is, but I've done some reading and this is what I've come up with:

-Bolt on neck - probably a rose wood one. Idk if there's better ones or what but I saw some for ~100.
-Wilkinson/Gotoh Adjustable Bridge/tailpiece. I thought having a combined one would make it simpler to design a mount for on the body
-SeyMour Duncan Hot Rodded Pickup Set. I want 2 humbuckers I believe. I play mostly Radiohead, RHCP, Incubus, Death Cab, etc so I want something fairly clean sounding (nothing metally!). This is really where I have no clue what to get and would like help!

As for my circuit I was going to do a really simple one with just two volume knobs (one for each pickup) and of course the two pickups and a jack.

My questions are:
1. How does the parts/setup I've listed above look? Any parts that would really limit the sound or not fit well together? Feel free to make suggestions.
2. Would a metal body affect tone/quality? Should I possibly put a little wood inlay on top of the body that sort of extended the neck all the way to the bridge for better sound?
3. Are there any type of strings that I could use that would provide less tension on the body to stress it the least? It'll be made out of stainless steel so it should be strong but I thought I'd ask.

if you want good cleans do single coils, id say three, and id wire it fender strat style if you just do a google search images and type in "fender strat wiring" ull get basic diagrams, and if you put 9 or 11 gauge strings you should be good tension wise
I'd go for dark pickups. A metal body is probably going to be very heavy and very bright.
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Sweet I'll check some of this out. Any ideas on dark pickups for a set I could get for like 100 - 150?
When you design your body make sure you reduce the material as much as possible with cavities etc. It doesn't sound like strength will be a massive issue but be careful to consider where the cavities go, put them around the sides and bottom of the guitar but avoid them where the string tension is acting (between the neck and bridge).

This is a really cool project and technically interesting too, you won't need to use screws if you can thread holes for bolts to go into for things like pickups and the neck, that would be really cool. You could even consider making the bridge and other bits as part of the guitar body!