Hello my name is Victor Valencia and I have been playing guitar over a year now. If any of you can check out some or any of my guitar cover I uploaded on youtube and give me some feed back that would be awesome!


again I have only been playing over a year now maybe 1 year and 3-4 months.
all feed back welcome!
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You play ok, pretty impressive for a year I guess but idk if it's the video or you but that tone is horrible. So much treble and distortion. Gives me a headache with low volume
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Get some bkps man, that tone is hideous.
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Yeah it's ok but the main question is...

Can you whammy without a whammy bar??
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Distortion's a little too much. I think the rest of the ear-breaking tone comes from the camera. Does the tone in the video sound similar to what you hear straight through the amp? If it does, you need waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less treble.

Your fretting hand is fine, but we can't see your picking hand, which is usually the cause of any problem relating to playing.
You're pretty good for one year. But yeah, work on your amp settings and fiddle with tone, treble, bass, all that stuff.

also rhythm and timing.
You're better than me and I've been playing almost 4 years.
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What is Bkps? and the Tone doesn't sound half bad It must be the headset I use to record with. I use a little line 6 amp and also my lead pick up is broken it just doesn't work anymore But I never change my amp setting I just leave it on the built in insane tone it has. Any Ideas on what I need to Change to get a better tone? any help would be awesome! Thanks.
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Hello my name is Victor Valencia and I have been playing guitar over a year now.
Hello Victor Valencia.

That's all I came in here to say.

Goodbye Victor Valencia.
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