My buddy and I just got this video posted up tonight. I did all of the mixing myself and sent the mastering out. I'm looking for ways I can improve my mixing skills. My setup is a Presonus Audiobox USB into a newer iMac running Studio One. My guitar is a cheaper end Takamine G series.

Please let me know any tips! Thanks guys.

I have the exact same guitar, but I think yours sounds great.

Only suggestions, I can think of is maybe replacing the nut and bridge with real ivory or bone. It will change the tone, but I don't know if you would prefer it.

Anyway really nice playing, and I think it sounds great as is.
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Wow, I...holy shit, this is awesome! I've never had the kind of coordination to pull off something like that, so you have all of my envy. lol

I'm really not entirely sure how you could get more tone out of it, since I don't do much with acoustic guitars, but I could suggest that maybe you could pick up the GMulti plugin and play around with that a bit? I use it with all of my guitars and, even used sparingly, it can give a lot of depth to my instruments. You can play with the width of the bass, mid and treble frequencies and get a ton different tones.

It's free, too! http://www.gvst.co.uk/gmulti.htm

I'm not sure what else I could offer other than that, unfortunately.

Not sure if you'd be up for this one, but c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1611989
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Toadvine, I actually did replace the nut with a bone nut and had it setup prior to my recordings. Great advice though! Thinking of going to one of the new PRS SE Angelus as soon as I have the money.

MiserFields, thanks for the recommendation! I'll check into that plugin. I didn't really use a whole lot of plugins on my end for effect, so that'd be fun to play around with. Also, commented on your post!

123Deryck, I actually did start to look at some acoustic amps (Fender Acoustisonic series) and was contemplating if that would help in my recording setup.