Picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop 56' Reissue last night off Gumtree for £80 with a hard case! The only problem with it was the lacquer on the back of the neck is cracked. But it plays perfectly, actions perfect on it, punchy sound, sustain. Brilliant. P90s with vintage tuners, feels old. Dont know what date it is but I love it and for 80 quid you cant go wrong especially with a case too!

All about the mids!!!!!!!
Nice deal for 80 quids.... damn I wish I would find that kind of deals online :P HNGD!!
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80 quid is the price of the case alone :p

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Haha... look hard enough and a bargain can be found anywhere
All about the mids!!!!!!!
Hope your boss isn't a guitarist, though...not a smart move to say online that you spend all day in the office browsing eBay!!!
wow, hard to go wrong for £80 Nice score
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