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I've always noticed how my low e on my Dean wouldn't be in tune by ear. So I brought an electronic tuner and it showed it was in tune but as a G#...
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Then you need to tune it to E
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what gauge strings do you have? maybe you have to tune up to the E? You likely haven't tuned above the E to a G# as you'd notice how tight the string is. Also try another tuner to make sure.
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Check the tuning against the A string (which I assume is in tune).
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make sure the frequency setting on the tuner is right. should be 440Hz
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It's either the frequency, the string gauge or you.

Only two of those can be fixed.
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Quote by Klajdi Abbott
When I tune it to E it's so damn loose though...

Probably down an octave.
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man this is why I love my fender stage amp got a built in tuner
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What kind of tuner is it? My clip-on tuner thinks my lowest string is a B when I tune it to E (I guess it only picks up the 3rd harmonic)