hey all,

i just bought a new guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Standard) and i want to keep it clean/avoid dirt build up (like on the fretboard) as much as possible when i'm not playing it.

i do regularly clean my guitars, i'm thinking more between cleanings.

any suggestions? i was thinking about keeping it in my gig bag, zipped up.

yeah that'll keep dust off it, but won't really stop the fretboard build up.

wash your hands before playing, that helps a bit.

but really it's just a matter of cleaning it when it gets dirty, lol.
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Wash your hands, invest in cleaners and polish and wipe after you use it.

Clean your fingerboard every time you change strings. I use a credit card or steel wool depending on how tough the grime is.
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Have a decontamination chamber to use after playing, keep/maintain guitar in a dust free/sterile lab, and wear a hazmat suit.
Just let it build up and clean it off when you change strings. A credit card works well as someone already said. Look at it as incentive to change your strings more often
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