Just bought a new ESP and the low E string keeps buzzing and it slips off the top when i play it. The string itself doesn't even look straight to begin with, it kind of curves...
take it to a tech or post pictures

we can't help you with that little information
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Not to be a dick, but this isn't even the right place for this. Try here. Be sure to post pics, like Hail said. Also, it might be a good idea to read the rules of that subforum, which are here.
You're the one that posted the thread not being able to tune your string. You have your string tuned to the wrong octave. Keep tuning it up until you hit the right E then it won't flop over the fretboard when you hammer at it.
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If its a tone pros bridge which a lot of ESP's come with it could be the saddle slots, they are very shallow on these. What gauge string?
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