I am having a very hard time trying to wire my 3 humbucker jackson V. I'm using Duncan invaders for bridge and neck, and an old stock pickup from an Ibanez for the middle. My wiring harness is 2 vol. 1 tone and I want the middle and neck to share a vol. I'm also using a switch craft 3 humbucker toggle. I've looked at so many different wiring diagrams but all of them either use a push/pull for the middle or a third vol. Is there any way to make this work the way I want? If so could you send me a diagram?
That's my issue I can't find one that even comes close to what I'm looking for. I want each pick up to work independently (bridge, middle, neck)
The old Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster archtops had three pickups controlled by three volume pots running to one tone pot then to the jack, without a switch, before they switched to the six pots and switch.
Ok so now I am using a 3 vol. 1 tone harness. Does anyone know of a diagram that will make all three pups run individually 1.neck

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Just turn up the volume of the pickup you want to use. Turn off the ones unneeded.
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Where on earth did you get a Jackson V with 3 humbuckers?
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