I am talking to someone about possibly trading guitars for this Alvarez Yairi acoustic, with
-Spruce top
-Mahogany body
-Rosewood neck
-Parlor Style
-Satin yellow body
the model number is RF22SYL and the serial is 05110025, and I can't find any information anywhere.
Does anyone know the value, rarity, or pretty much any information about this guitar? Any help would be appreciated.
I can't upload a picture for some reason, so if any one needs a pic, just message me I guess.
Also, there is apparently information at usedprice. com, does anyone know about their credibility at all?
What is your current guitar?

Just judging by the specs. it seem decent. It's hard to make any real judgement though.
it's not a yairi, as far as i can tell - it's an alvarez. alvarez yairi is the higher end alvarez, i believe, but this guitar seems to be part of the regent series, which means it's got a solid top and laminate back and sides. it won't be worth that much - the regent series sells in the low to mid hundreds new. if you like the way it sounds, and the guitar you have to trade sells new for $300 or less, could be worth doing.

here's a used one for sale for just over a hundred

here's a different guitar in the regent line currently selling for $229

can you play it before you decide whether to trade or not?
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-Spruce top
-Mahogany body
-Rosewood neck
FYI, normally the fret board is the only part of the neck that is rosewood. Mahogany is the most common wood of choice for the neck proper. Maple probably would be second, as in most Fender electrics.