Hi, i just moved from iphone to android. Im happy with it, but the thing that bugs me is the limited guitar pro functions. On my iphone i used a app called tab pro that let me find the guitar pro tab i wanted, download it and open it in a browser inside the app. The same thing worked in the guitar pro app, but it dosent in android. U sure can go to a computer and transfer, but that is making things hard. When i go to the web on my android, find a guitar pro tab and hit download, it dosent ask me if i want to open it in the guitar pro app. I have downloaded the tab pro app but it only lets me open tab pro files, not guitar pro. This is driving me nuts! Does anybody know about another app that lets you browse and open guitar pro tabs, or a way to downlad and open guitar pro tabs with the guitar pro app?
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I have that app, the problem is that it dosent have the function that lets you browse the web for tabs (that the ios version has).