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They always ask me to play Master of Puppets, every single time.
I'm that really annoying guy who takes that request as 'Show me how fast you can play', so it usually ends with me doing my best Yngwie Malmsteen impression. As a result, no one asks me to play something any more <____<
Usually vikingman by Rodrigo Y Gabriela.
I'm an

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Windy and warm. Groovy enough for non musos to appreciate. Or the taylor intro by jack johnson haha crowd pleasing 101
i mutter "uhh i dunno, what do you want me to play" while playing a heartwrenching guitar solo
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Blackbird by The Beatles. Idk I'm not that good anyways.
I'm terrible at full-length songs (or terrible at memorising songs, period), so I usually just bust out a bunch of random shreddy stuff which looks and sounds flashy but has no song-orientated musicality behind it - all in the hope that they won't ask me to play anymore.

Girl asks for a sappy, popular ballad? Give her some sweep-tapped arps to make her do the "WTF?" face.
how much are they paying me
modes are a social construct
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how much are they paying me

Lol that's actually pretty funny!

On that note here's a special tip to avoid the "one more" issue at the end of cover sets.
In case you don't know, the audience will keep screaming "one more" after every song you do forever. To avoid this make sure that you have someone ready with the canned music to go over the PA.

Then say to the audience "do you want one more?". Audience "yessss!!!!".

Then you cue the house music to go. And you say "there you go!". And the audience laughs it off and parties to the PA music. Easy done.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I usually do some improv unless they ask for a specific song. It's gotten to the point where I learnt so many (full) songs in my time of playing that I forget which songs I do and don't know.
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usually this chet atkins type thing i wrote. i made it exactly for this reason. now i don't have to worry about something to play and i don't have to feel like singing either because it's instrumental.

usually if there are other people around i'm on acoustic. so i'll play some old bluesy stuff and things that make me sound full with one guitar. so stuff where i'm playing bass and rhythm or melody as well. i might break out some hank williams hey good looking, usually gets people singing and breaks the ice. depending on how many drinks are in me, i'll play very little, or be belting out don't stop believing by journey lol. maybe i'll do more originals if you are lucky or happen to be a really cute redhead :P
Nobody asks me to play.
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Honestly, unless it's for an audition or an actual band setting, I usually decline when people ask me to play something.

At one time I was the "guitar puppet guy" who would show off everytime someone asked me to play, but not really much anymore. I don't know, I guess it just took a lot of the fun away when I was being expected to play everytime I met someone.
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I give them a lecture about how live music performance is the last socially acceptable bloodsport and then retire to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and limit my output entirely to recordings.
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I give them a lecture about how live music performance is the last socially acceptable bloodsport and then retire to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and limit my output entirely to recordings.

That notion is actually fucking awesome. My near-lifelong ambition has been to retreat somewhere at least a kilometre away from the nearest human being, make a bunch of recordings that I myself enjoy listening to, yet nobody will ever hear.
I ask them if they want me to play something fast, pretty, jazzy, etc. so I don't seem like a jerk by just shredding.
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^I like McGee for his 8 string compositions but JFC they are so ****ing cheesy.

Aye, cheesy they may be, but people always like 'em And it's certainly no worse than knocking out a 4-chord pop song about love or whatever
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Blackbird by The Beatles. Idk I'm not that good anyways.

yeah me too. That or "Hey Hey"
Some fingerpicking/tapping improv usually. They tell me I'm lame because they think long hair = metal, not jazz/classical.
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I'll usually improvise something mostly phrygian dominant or spanish sounding for a second when I first grab the guitar, then ask what they want me to play. If they can't think of anything that I happen to know and if their suggestions are all pop crap that I know nothing about (this is usually what happens) I'll just play something classic like Dust in the Wind or Hotel California and then play something jazzy and complicated. That probably makes me look kinda pretentious, but at least I try not to do any shred sounding crap... unless they ask for it.
I use to try to impress people like my life depended on it.
Now, I just a play a simple rhythm, nothing fancy.
If they have a bunch of request of pop songs or intros to cartoons I don't know.
I won't feel bad, because it's not my fault they couldn't see my full potential.
And I leave happy, guitar is a personal hobby ^^
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"Get your freak on" by Missy Elliot

Aweeee yeahhh!
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Nobody asks me to play.

Bassist problems heh.

On guitar, I usually play the intro and verse for The Day That Never Comes by Metallica or Movin Out by Aerosmith since those are the first two songs I've learned

On the rare ocassions I'm asked to play bass, I play World by Nightmare (that intro song from Death Note) it's rhythmic and melodic al at once and honestly one of the harder songs I've played on bass so far (which goes to say I'm still in the bass beginner stages lol)
Theory is I'm getting a bit over my head by trying to learn so much w/o formal educators

To be a good lead guitar you must be VERY GOOD AT RYTHM

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My motto: Play what the song needs you to play!
SRV - Pride and Joy.

Probably the most "impressive" song I can play with consistently high accuracy.

Another one most don't recognize but find entertaining is Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Angie - Rolling Stones

Also blackbird, as others have said sounds alot harder then it actually is

i randomly tune my guitar, grab the nearest by objects that i can throw in amongst the strings, and just start banging away.
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