A couple of years ago I got an absolutely beautiful Epiphone Les Paul Doublecut for christmas in TV Yellow, and a few months later it was stolen from me. Since then I've been looking for a new one to buy, to no avail. I was wondering if anyone here has or knows anyone who has a guitar of the same model (color doesn't matter, really only concerned that the original pickups and everything are on there) that they would be willing to sell. They seem to go anywhere from $250 to $500, and I'm willing to negotiate the price based on whatever needs anyone has. Also if anyone knows any methods of finding this sort of thing other than just searching google, ebay, etc. that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
wow, i actually have the gibson version of that exact guitar (mine has P90's in it).

but this is not a classifieds section, we answer questions but we don't sell gear here.
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