As a graduation present, a friend of my family gave me a $40 Amazon Gift Card. I used it to finally get a copy of Mark Tremonti: The Sound and the Story (amazing DVD). I still have $7.30 left and I'm looking at Chris Whitley CD's. I've found his first three CD's used (though in good condition) are really cheap. There's $3.99 for S&H. Since I'm ordering these all at the same time, would it just be $3.99...Or would I have to pay that price for every album?
That depends on if they were bundled in one package (buying all three for one price) or if you're buying each album individually.
If its the second one, then shipping and handle in will be included for each album.
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It's not difficult to find out. Add them to your cart, go to the checkout and see what the shipping charge is...
Typically, if you're ordering items from Amazon directly, it's all one shipping cost. However, if you (for instance) ordered 2 items from an Amazon seller (by clicking either used or new and selecting to buy from whichever user), then you have to pay a separate shipping cost for each item.

So, there will be a separate shipping cost for each used Chris Witley album you are buying.
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