I'm not sure if ebay posts are welcome, so if not, someone just inform me and I'll take this down. Thank you for your kindness.


This is a mint condition Digitech Timebender Delay Pedal. There are no functional or aesthetic flaws on this that would distinguish it from the new pedal. It was only lightly used. The previous ac adapter broke, so I ordered a new PS0913B adapter that is still new in the box. Here is a link to the user manual: http://www.digitech.com/system/documents/250/original/Timebender%20Manual%2018-0686V-B.pdf
Actual shipping costs and package size may vary, but package WILL be delivered via UPS ground.

If you have questions, you can also PM my UG profile. I will try to check it regularly, but I don't necessarily frequent these forums.
- Cody

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