So, I totally dig the sound of putting a fuzz box before the wah in my chain. The only problem is I lose a ton of volume and tone when the wah is toe-up.

I am running a black cat super fuzz into the dimebag crybaby.

I know bob balch from fu Manchu runs a modified fuzz face clone into his regular-ass crybaby and it sounds killer.

Any ideas?

I got 99 problems but a wah ain't one.

Have you tried a different wah?
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I haven't. I don't have any guitar buddies and I am not trying to go buy another one really...
I run a compressor after my Wylde Crybaby because of the volume loss in tow up position. Also I think Mercury Magnetics has a mod for wah pedals to make them work with fuzzes, but I can't seem to find it right now.

EDIT: It's not on the Mercury Magnetics site, but in some other forums it's mentioned that fuzzes need a low impedance, if you run a buffered pedal before the fuzz it should solve the problems.
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I ran an old DOD pedal I had lying around it worked! Knew I had it for something!

Thank you so much!