AAHHH! Ok so tomorrow, I leave for summer camp and I am taking my guitar with me. We will be travelling by bus for about an hour or so, I am not really sure how long. Anyways, on the bus ride, I am scared that my guitar will get too hot, and also at the camp! (I live in Texas and the camp is also in Texas.) How do I keep the strings from getting too much tension on the neck (something about the tension...?), the guitar from cracking and warping, etc.? If it helps I will try and take my guitar on the bus with me so I can keep an eye on it. I plan to sit in the aisle seat so my guitar won't melt by the window. I do not plan on putting it above me on the rack thing, but I will if I have to. The guitar will probably experience lots of temperature changes from getting on and off the bus, and from the worship area back to my cabin every day for five days. Help!!! I LEAVE FOR CAMP TOMORROW MORNING!
Have a blessed day!Have a blessed day!
Have a blessed day!
A small piece of advice would be to detune the guitar by at least a half step to prevent unnecessary tension while traveling. you could always tune it before use.
don't worry about it, just drop the strings down a half step or so and your good.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
It's not necessary to detune your guitar. The important thing is to keep it out of direct heat, and to keep it humidified.
The guy that runs the Frets.com site says that heat is the enemy, but he's talking about the kind of heat that builds up in a closed car on a hot day.
If the guitar is in the passenger compartment of the bus it shouldn't get that hot.

Keep the instrument in it's case and keep one of those portable humidifiers in there... or make one.
Keep it out of the direct sun... It should be fine.
Dude, the bus will likely be air conditioned anyway, so you can stop panicking. Breath into a paper bag for a while.

You do need to take into account your accommodations. Will you be sleeping under air conditioning? What's the average humidity of the camp area?

If you're in the woods, the humidity outside may already be high enough.

If the campground is in Death Valley, the axe is a goner.
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