Hello all,

In the past 6 or so months I have switched to the loose fist technique that was recommended to me here and I'm glad I did. It has definitely helped me shape my technique up but I am still struggling with one issue and thats with palm muting across the low 3 strings. Now I can get it to where I can do solid alternate picking 3 string power chords while palm muting but my problem with that is that it limits my range of my picking hand quite a bit (normal?) What I mean is when Im playing mainly the 6th and 5th strings and just palm muting those, I have my wrist adjusted to just mute those. Then what I normally due when I want to mute the 4th and 3rd strings I adjust my wrist to where my wrist/palm is resting on the 6th and 5th strings. But since I have to adjust my hand down a bit to be able to cover all three strings, it makes it harder to say, go up to just picking the six string while covering the three strings (say if I was striking all three then galloping on the 6th), as opposed to my normal adjusting my wrist to be able to get a good range of motion it if I was just covering the 5th and 6th strings.

Sorry if thats a bit confusing. Im just wondering if this is something I just need to get used to or should I alter something in my technique that needs fixing? Thanks!
Palm muting is best done with, as its name would imply, the palm.
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Your freakin funny. That is a bit confusing. You mean its hard to move up and down all 6 strings while only muting the 3 bass strings? My pick slants up at the low E and down at the high E so I can move only from the wrist. Or you can also swing it in a 1/2 circle from the wrist.
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Yeah, basically if you're palm muting you give up a little range of motion. You might just be pressing too hard though, you don't need to press to get a good sound with palm muting.