I am having a big issue putting my strings closer to the neck, I use an Ibanez GAX70. I just adjusted my truss rod so I have more of a flat neck. My action for the bass side is as low as it can go and the treble side is as low as it can go without buzzing, if I tighten the truss rod I'll get a high amount of buzzing out of the bass side of the strings. Help is appreciated.
In all honesty, at that level of production quality you probably won't be able to get it much lower.

How high are the strings right now?
I wouldn't adjust the truss rod if I wanted lower action. Adjust your action from your bridge. If it's as low as it can go, it's what it is. It can't be any lower.

But you mentioned as low as it can go without buzzing. There needs to be a small gap between the string and the 12th fret when you push down your first and last fret. If there is no gap, you need to loosen your truss rod. If you are getting fret buzz, you need to loosen it, not tighten it. You don't want the neck to be flat, you want it to be slightly bowed.
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Find a tech. Might need a neck shim.
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There's a very good setup thread at the top of this forum.

EDIT: Start at the beginning, don't skip any steps.
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