Hi all, I recently just purchased a Pod Hd 300 Floor Pedal Interface. I used to have a Pod Ux2 and i used that to record a lot before it broke. In Pod Farm, I was able to create my own tones from scratch to get the sound I wanted and I can't seem to find that in Pod Hd 300 Edit. It gives me an option to edit a bunch of awful presets, but no option to make my own preset, and the options I have to edit presets are minuscule to say the least. Am i doing something wrong, or is it just impossible to make your tone? My friend has the $700 dollar pod Hd pro and on his edit program, he can make a tone from scratch, i've seen people use the Pod Hd 500 and make their own tones and all Pod HD 300, 400, and 500 are floor models. If someone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I am losing my mind and about to return this thing.
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I have the 500 but haven't used that program. Can you make a new preset and then edit it?

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The POD HD 300 is pretty limited man. You can make your own presets, but you're limited. Each slot only allows for certain effects, eg: slot 1 would only be distortions and overdrives, slot 2 is only for delay and reverb, etc.

You should be able to scroll down on the side there in POD HD Edit where the presets are and pick a blank slot to make a preset in. Again though, the 300 is very limited. Its not like your friend's Pro where you can choose any slot and put any effect any where you want.
unfortunately, I don't have an option to create a new preset slot, So does that mean i just have to manually edit all the presets and deal with it? :/

It says there on the their website that you can have up to "128 user presets". I'm quite confident you can make your own presets from scratch. You just have to go down the list of existing presets until you get to a blank one. I know on my POD HD Desktop it starts around the 14A -14B etc area.

Once again though, there are severe limitations as to what you can put into each slot since you are using the 300.