I used Garageband for a while when I had access to a Mac but now I use a Win 7 PC, and I miss the functionality of Garageband. I liked using the Piano Roll interface where you can place notes, edit length/velocity/etc of each one and export it as a midi track or an mp3. I like to make piano backing tracks and drum loops to play along to, and to use in songwriting. Is there any program for Windows that will allow me to do so similar to GB? Being able to record with the program isn't necessary, I use Reaper for that

Pic to illustrate what I mean to anyone who doesnt know:

I dont have a piano nor can I actually play one so I loved using GB as a supplement to my songwriting. Price isnt a problem so long as you think its worth it. And I do apologise if you get this a lot, I checked the stickies and couldnt find anything about producing music, just recording
.....can it? I will commence googling this, but any more suggestions are welcome
Oh man this is perfect. Thank you for telling me, I had no idea. I have to really explore what else this program can do before asking silly questions!