I've been a user here for years now and have never posted anything but this is my older brother's band named Wilkes Oswald. I'm not trying to advertise because this is my brother's band (honestly I would listen to them even if my brother wasn't in this band) but because their music is truly awesome and has a really cool classic feel. They've released an entire album and it is available on bandcamp and youtube. Sorry if I sound like I'm just advertising but I just want to spread the sweet music they make, thanks and enjoy!

[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]

Just saying, my personal favorites are Little Princess, Youthquake, Desert Song, The Tides, and Dead Dogs but all their songs rock
AHH I didn't know those links weren't allowed but if you search "Wilkes Oswald" in bandcamp or youtube they'll be the first thing that pops up, again thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy the music
That's the trouble with being "new" around here, even if you're "old" and just "posting for the first time." ;-)

Which site is the best for them? BandCamp? YouTube? Facebook? I see a bunch of options.
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