Hi UG community

I'm trying to learn No boundaries by Michael Angelo Batio, but im struggling with the first shred lick, which is a lick used a lot by Paul Gilbert.

E- --------------17----------

B -- 17-18-20---20-18-17

G ----------------------------

The problem is that when i play it i cant keep the G string from ringing(open or even muted), no matter what i try. I use my picking hand and my fretting hand for muting. I can play the lick cleanly in any other position with no major problems but not in the 17th fret.
I don't know if is a technical issue of mine or a problem with my guitar, maybe is the height of the strings but since i never mess with the height i cant tell.

What do you think guys.
Thanks beforehand.
Guys let me change my question.

How would you keep the g string perfectly muted in this case(in a technical way)?

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Why is the G ringing if you aren't playing it on that lick?

Sympathetic vibrations.

TS, the answer is to simply work on your muting technique. With proper muting the G shouldn't sound at all.
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It's kinda odd that you don't know how to keep the G string muted properly, yet you are trying to learn a MAB song. Just a question; For how long have you been playing?
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For perfect muting you can use a small sponge stuffed under the strings at the first position. This helps a lot if you're recording, but impractical during live performances.

And this is going to help him... how? This is the technique forum, not the recording forum.
Thanks for the interest guys

My Last Words, i have been playing for eight years, but like 4 years seriously(I'm 19).
I think i found the reason. It was a synchronization problem, i was moving my right hand a little faster than my left, so i started practicing with the metronome and the problem seems to solved.