hi guys ,

I want to buy me a hollow body guitar to play Jazz.I really like the sound of George Benson, but it got to be cheap
I can't afford ( and i will be unable to afford in say a few months time) an expensive or mid range priced guitar ,or his signature models from Ibanez.

My question is about if i should get a semi or full hollow body.I really lwant to get that "mellow" sound .Please note I don't really care too much about vintage sound.What I really want is harmonically rich ,warm sound .It's my understanding that semi-hollows have significant adavtadges when gigged,cause of lower feedback issues.So question here is in terms of richness and warmness do i loose too much with a semi hollow body ?

to help you understand this better Full-hollow body to me with my limited or even False knowledge is Gibson ES175and semi-hollwed is somethinbg like Ibanez GB300.What body you think would be better for -mainly -studio use ? (I got other electrics and acoustrics i could use on stage)
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Benson has an Artcore sig model, so that's probably a good starting point. His is- of course- one of the pricier Artcores, but the others can get you close.

I'd also give the Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin models a hard look.
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if you really want the benson, save up for it, though I would not suggest getting ANY signature models. I have been playing an Ibanez Artcore AF95-TK for jazz and I love it. It's a full hollow body, great feel for a guitar under $1000. I would suggest trying one of these out.
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Epiphone Dots have a nice warm sound on the neck pickup, providing you set the amp up correctly. They are also quite cheap as well