Hi all!

So after some changing my mind and selling guitars and such, I've settled on an Epiphone 339 pro. Great little guitar, I love the smaller body and how it's tone is kind of a cross between a Les Paul and a 335.

I want to change the pickups though, as I find the neck pickup to be muddy as hell, and I feel like the neck and bridge pickup don't "connect" at all, they don't seem consistent.

What I want is jazzy cleans on the neck, and tight and even crunch throughout with a bridge that can rock a little. I play blues and rock. Ideally I'd love something like this as far as tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfVedKbAqOA

I was going to go with a set of D Allen Alley Cats, but thought I'd test the waters to see what else was out there (preferably a little cheaper). I don't want 57 classics, I found them really dull in the Gibson 339 I played when I bought the Epi (was really surprised at how poor the Gibson played, excess glue all over the neck joint, felt really shoddy and lifeless compared to the Epi. Go figure).

I'm in Australia if that helps at all! If anyone is selling a set of pickups they think would set, definitely let me know (must have nickle covers!)

Thanks =)
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Some PAF set may work.

Duncan 59s or Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs.
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