I have this guitar tab book. And it says "**Chord Symbols Reflect Implied Harmony"
What does this actually mean?
It means that a riff or some melodic part is being played instead of full chords, but the chords listed at the top are the chords that sound like they should go under the melody.
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Well, if the tabs are just melody, then it means that the listed chords are what would be most appropriate to play under the melody (according to the songwriter/publisher/whatever).

There is more than one way to play chords under a melody. It's the reason why Reharmonization exists (and is so popular in Jazz). Any given melody has more than one chord progression that can be played under it. The chords the book gives you is just one way to play the music. But it's the way that the songwriter intended.
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Thank you I really appreciate that answer. so if I just go ahead and play the full chord say like E5 to D. That would be right? Because the actual song doesn't have individual notes in that part, just the chords. I will try it and see how it sounds. I am not very good with music theory.