so i'm planning on buying a new guitar within the next week or so

i've been playing for about 4 years now and think it's time to upgrade from my entry level acoustic

also i'm debating between plain acoustic or getting an acoustic-electric, is there any cons to getting the combination?

i never use a pick as well and do a lot of strumming/finger picking

is there any brands or models geared specifically towards this type of playing without a pick? maybe a gentle sounding guitar or something i'm not really sure

any help would be GREATLY appreciated

oh and my budget is maybe around $700 ish, i can do a little more if really necessary and can always do less

just it's very intimidating going to a guitar store and i'm never sure where to start, so at least if i have a few models or brands in mind that i could try i'm sure it would help a lot

if it helps i play a lot of stuff like this:

[forbidden link]

oh link doesn't work, well it's a youtube video to city and colour acoustic stuff, also i do a lot of random finger picking from game music for example chrono cross and final fantasy

thanks in advance guys, this is my first post here hopefully i can get some help
OK. Dallas appears to be playing an old Martin with an electromagnetic pickup. So did you want to get close to this. If so don't go for the cheap Martins because they sound exactly that - cheap.

If you are going to do live performances then I would recommend and elecrtro or have a pick-up fitted. Just a lot less hassle.

As for which guitar - there are so many!

Here's a couple that I think give a real bang for you buck, but you might want to go for a bigger name with $700..

Cort L900C
Takamine EG543SC G