I have a Telecaster that I'm planning on changing the pickups in soon. This is my first time doing it, so I was wonder if it takes any special skills or materials and if it is overly difficult.
You might hear from some people that it's really hard or even moderately difficult, but it's not. It's kind of like driving a manual transmission: some people have a terrible experience and pass it on. If you do research and follow a good wiring diagram, it's not bad at all.

Materials you need?
- Soldering iron (Radioshack / Harbor Freight)
- 40/60 rosin core solder (Radioshack / Harbor Freight)
- Pickups (First time? Guitar Fetish, maybe Seymour Duncan if you've decided to go big budget)
- Desoldering braid (Radioshack / Harbor Freight)
- A sponge (should be included with your soldering iron)
- Depending on what pups are going in and coming out, capacitors and potentiometers

That's all I can think of at this point.

If you've never soldered before, get some wire to practice with. It's pretty simple and just takes a little practice. Watch some YouTube tutorials (like this one), and if after researching and stuff you still have some questions or are having trouble, go talk to a tech at your local music store (none of that Sam Ash/Guitar Center bullshit). They'll be able to discuss this more directly with you.

I can help out with pickup choice and then tell you if caps and pots need to be swapped, too. Just ask away. Once people see this has some replies, they'll show up. Or at least that's how it generally works.

Good luck, and you've stumbled upon a great community here that is very helpful.
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If you have to ask that question, just pay someone in the know to do it. If you're around Los Angeles I'd be happy to help!
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