i'm trying to get the queens of the stone age sound, particularly off of songs for the deaf (album). [stoner rock plz]

gear right now:

i'm looking for a good compressor and parametric eq that'll help me get the sound i want.

0h, and don't say i need a new amp, because i'm going to be using sims exclusively. i know i could play with para eq on the amp sim but i'd rather have something analog to play with.

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why not just buy a channel strip? it sounds like that is what you want anyway, a channel strip usually consists of a preamp, a compressor and a parametric EQ (usually 3 band with adjustable Q, sometimes 4 or 5 band with HP and/or LP filters).

presonus, art and dbx all put out affordable channel strips, you can also scanned you local used market and pick up something cool for fairly cheap. i got my presonus eureka for like 200 or 250 on ebay.
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I can't say how accurate this is (it is wiki, after all) but it's an interesting read if you haven;t already looked at it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Homme#Queens_of_the_Stone_Age-era_gear

Also the proguitarshop demo (youtube) of the big muff that you have gets a good tone for QOTSA (more Lullabies, than SFTD but a good reference anyway)

I know this isn't exactly what you were asking for but it has helped me in the past
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