Has anyone here ever run more than one distortion pedal in a single chain? Did it work out for you? Why did you do it?
I use 2 big muffs for lead a lot. Sustain maxed on one, 0 on the other, one tone at 3, the other at 9. The noise is hard to control but I like the challenge and it sounds glorious when I can do it right. I think running 2 distortions/ods isn't all that uncommon.
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Has anyone here ever run more than one distortion pedal in a single chain? Did it work out for you? Why did you do it?

this is actually pretty popular. people call the practice of running multiple distortion pedals at once different things (like chaining or stacking). there is also no solid rules or general agreement over a proper order.

i ran:

2 ch. boost -> 2 ch. OD -> fuzz -> univibe -> more pedals

i would chain various combinations into one another at different times. i usually did it to add variety to the guitar tone and make the song sound more rich, also to help some of the leads step out of the mix a bit. i also did it at times for more sustain
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I occasionally run a distortion into an overdrive pedal. It sucks some tone out but I can use it to get extra volume if needed. Also makes my guitar feed back like a mofo.
Always make sure to put a transistor based Distortion (usually a fuzz pedal) last and Op-Amp ones first (usually distortion pedals or overdrive). If you don't the op-amp will clip the gain from the transistor based fuzz and make your tone sound like shit. If you don't know what this means look it up because I'm don't have the time to give a beginners course in electrical engineering.
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I run a Bad Monkey into a GFS Greenie (only as boosts)
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I think SRV ran 3 Tubescreamers in a row into a clean fender. I am not sure when he used three, but i know he ran at lwast two ts' most of his career.

I use a zendrive into (including sometimes other pedals) a timmy. It gets smoother on the, zendrive (equal gain) then boost it with a timmy.
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I run my Proco Rat in front of my Russian Big Muff all the time. It gives a really heavy crunchy tone. Very sludge metal sounding.
I had 2 overdrives and an eq pedal as boost in front of a tube amp set to clean on one of my rigs, sounds great. One was set to crunch and the other set to lead, then the eq would provide final boost and some extra saturation if needed.

Knew a guy that was running two Metalzones in front of a Mesa set on crunch tone, the MZ pedals were set to mild crunch with sweep eq affecting different frequencies. He was getting a great Carcass/At the Gates kind of tone.
I run 3 different drive pedals on my board (see sig) one of which has two channels, plus I use the drive channel on my amp as a solo boost.

Different tones for different tunes.
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I have a Devi Ever Soda Meiser stacked with a Catalinbread DLS (version 3). Sounds great. A really gnarly fuzz tone that with the DLS engaged, gets a very British amp quality to it. Which is useful because I play out of a Fender amp.
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Two overdrives here too! Individually, I use an MI Audio Blues Pro for my main dirty sound (big and ballsy rock) and a Digitech Bad Monkey for more of a smoother mid-level gain (mainly for rhythms). I'll turn both on for a nice high gain lead tone with a nice amount of compression and sustain.
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I'm at the next level above you guys - running drive pedals in series and in parallel.

Running an OD into a (Little) Big Muff sounds awesome, gives it a little volume and a bit more punch, which is helpful cause the LBM turns into an indiscernible wall of fuzz at a certain point, not that I don't love that.
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