Hello everyone, I'm new here.

I have a question about fingerstyle. I've been learning guitar for about six months and occasionally tried to learn a couple of short passages using finger picking, without really reading anything about it. I have found that I have naturally placed my little finger on the first string, (and ring finger on the second, and so on) rather than starting with my ring finger on the first string (as I have subsequently learned is the standard method).

Should I continue to use my little finger or should I change to using the standard P-4,5,6, I-3, M-2, A-1?

Thanks for any advice!
Do whatever is easiest for you, I don't too much fingerpicking but when I do I also rest my pinky finger on the first string, I find this easiest for me and I'd say I'm pretty decent at finger picking
As AJ said, going with your gut reaction and whatever seems easiest is usually the best way to play guitar. Classical guitarists on the other hand tend to be very regimented and standardised with their technique, but as popular musicians, there's no reason for us to think like that