No disrespect to Cobain but seriously this sounds pretty bad. Maybe it's also the recording that's pretty bad and distorted but I don't even think that Cobain should be an example of good, healthy singing.

Just post another vid so we can hear it better. This sounds like simple yelling to the mic so loud that it distorts the sound.
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I'm no expert here, but I can give you general advice (the same I gave to my brother who's screaming for a local band atm).

If you think of your note control as a guitar and your vocal box as an amplifier, what happens when you push an amp past it's normal threshold? it distorts. So going by that logic, if you push a note (more air with intensity) through your vocal box, your voice distorts.

That's a very loose comparison, but I find it helps people (especially guitarists) understand how it works when you want to add grit to your voice or get powerful screams like that.

So TL;DR: Push the note you're trying to sing very hard through your vocal box. You'll probably end up in a coughing fit the first couple times you try it (until you get a feel for how much you can do at a time). If you push hard enough (yes. It will be VERY loud), you'll get a scream kinda like that. However, keep in mind that unless your voice is exactly like Kurt's, it's not going to sound exactly like Kurt's.

EDIT: WARNING: This is not 'healthy' singing whatsoever. But really... it's rock n roll.
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