Has anyone tried using the Orange Micro Terror through the Vox Lil Night Train 10” extension cab? I’m in the market for a reasonably priced and lightweight cab, but wondering if there is much of a trade off in sound (given its size) or volume (given its 16 ohms)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If there's a local tech near you, a lot of times you can get them to build you one with better quality, better speaker, same price as a dirt cheap cab. That's what I did.
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They have a SS power amp so using a 16 ohm speaker will drop your maximum output power to just over 5 watts.
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I really don't think that a 10" is ideal. Go for a 12"
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also i think those cheaper vox cabs aren't plywood. there are several options for decent quality plywood cabinets on the cheap, I don't really see any reason not to go with the plywood option when the option is there. E.g. vht, jet city, harley benton (some models), etc.
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The cab is bad. And I had a chance to play a MT through that cab. I don't know why, but the setup was too quiet. Which is strange because the amp is like 20 watts.