So, after 5 years of playing, I'm finally buying my first high end guitar. After a long search, looking for something that fits my budget, I have to decide between these two. I played the seafoam green premium JEM and the neck just felt amazing. The JEM7V neck is the same, so I know I will like it. I have not played the carvin, but it sounds and looks amazing, plus it's a neck through. So, what do you guys think? The Carvin also has an alder body, with a flamed maple neck. I prefer a thinner neck, because my hands aren't that big. Thanks for your help.

BTW I live in Mexico, I would order the JEM online, the total price being around 2900 dls and the Carvin being around the same price. The JP Music Man is way overpriced here (around 4000+ dls), and most ebay sellers do not ship new ones to Mexico.
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I'd say Carvin. Then again, don't take my word for everything, 'cause I'm a Cavin enthusiast/fanatic and have not had any experience with JEM7Vs.
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Did you consider getting the premium jem?

Just curious. I have the seafoam green one and I love it. can't beat the price either.

Carvin is on my wish list, but I already have a ton of guitars, so I'm not in a rush, but I'd eventually like to get either a Carvin or a Vigier.