I have the original version of We Sold Our Souls For Rock N Roll guitar tab book. Now it says there is a "Revised Edition". Is it worth buying the new edition, or just stick with the original version. I know that the tabs on any book are not 100%
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Don't buy black sabbath tab books for gods sake man you're posting on a website that has all of them for free. Better yet learn them by ear or learn harder songs.
Dude, I could scan my pages for ya...
I got a VINTAGE Black Sabbath Tab. Book for "We Sold Our Souls For Rock N Roll"
And I will take the time to get you those tabs- the ones on this site are NOT accurate to the book!

I dunno if Hal Leonard would sue me for posting his book on the net though... >.< (CONFUSED)
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I have the old one. The song 'Warning' is cut off mid-solo. And I like the bits that say "lyrics unclear at this point". I can understand Ozzy's singing. Maybe being a Brummie helps.
The new one is very accurate. Although some fingerings are illogical. Some of it is easier by ear but a few songs are better tabbed out.