Hi everybody, I'm a 22-year-old guitar player and sometimes-vocalist who just graduated from college and moved back to the area. Now I have a full time job but I want to play in a band; ideally practice in the evening a couple of times a week and gig on weekends. I'd like to join an established band that knows what they're doing, but I'm also up for jamming with individuals in the area and seeing what we can get together.

I'm into all sorts of guitar-based music. I generally listen to a lot of classic rock and blues. I also enjoy synth-rock/pop and indie sounds. My interests range from the White Stripes and The Strokes to the Stones, Aerosmith, and the Beatles, all the way back to Robert Johnson and Son Hose. My synth and pop rock interests range from The Cars all the way to Motion City Soundtrack and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I also dig punk ranging from The Ramones, The Stooges, and The Cure all the way to pop-punk like Blink 182. Basically, if its any kind of rock 'n roll I love it.

I'm not into metal as much, unless you're thinking classic metal, hard rock, and hair metal. I'm not so much into doom and gloom type metal.

I have been playing for about eight years, and I have gigged before although not for two or three years while I was at school. However, I am sharp and have the chops to learn several songs quickly if needed. I do have a guitar and gig-worthy amp ready to go. Message me if you're interested!
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